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    You want portrait photography tips and tutorials you can put to work right away
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    You want to learn lighting, composition, and subject interaction
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    You want to make great portraits without spending a fortune on new cameras and lenses

FREE eBook: 37 Weird Portrait Photography Tips You Can Actually Use...

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    Make an instant connection with "The Cookie Trick"
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    Gain your subject's trust ​with a plain old water bottle
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    Get easy, natural smiles out of the most uptight people

Reviews from Our Readers...

An excellent collection of little known tips and "tricks" to get better photos of people.
   -Christine from Winnipeg

​The tips were concise, applicable simple, and very practical. I used several of them within minutes of reading them.
   -Lee from Tennessee

Thanks for this inspiring labor of love. I’m always anxious to read your new stuff.
   -Emmanuel from Montreal

I like the chocolate cookies tip.
   -Vinnie from New York

You covered a lot of things I had not thought of. I'm not sure if there's a #38 to add!
   -Steve from Arizona